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Hallstatt - the panorama of eternity

In the heart of the legendary Salzkammergut, at the foot of the mighty Dachstein, lies a very special pearl: Hallstatt.
Hallstatt has 7000 years of history, and here can be found, amongst many other fascinating features, the oldest wooden staircase in the world. This picturesque village on the shore of the lake, which takes its name, owes its existence to rich salt deposits, which have been mined here since the days of the Celts and Illyrians.
(Hall = salt, Statt = place).

Sights in Hallstatt

With their word "Hall", the Celts gave their name not only to the town of Hallstatt, but also to an entire epoch - the Hallstatt period.
The history of mankind can be understood and experienced here.

In 1997, UNESCO declared the 7,000-year-old site a World Heritage Site.

To the Sights

Summer in the Salzkammergut

In addition to culture, Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding mountains also have many activities to offer in the warmer seasons.

Summer, sun, sunshine

Winter in the Salzkammergut

Hallstatt is the ideal starting point for all winter activities in the snow.

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